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Sitting is the new smoking

Do you want to live more healthier working life in 2017?

Only press the key on the top to adjust height of desk to sit or stand to work

If you are a “HOUSE MAN”, maybe you need an ergonomic adjustable desk.

A good christmas present of standing sitting adjustable desk

It’s time to change your office desk

Shenzhen Dodumi Opened for business

In September 8, 2016,Dodumi Global Holdings Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Shenzhen city Longgang District Longcheng square, dozens of leaders to visit the opening celebration scene, this celebration is all outstanding entrepreneurs, pay close

Shenzhen DODUMI conference

This week, Shenzhen DODUMI Global Holdings LTD. chairman Liu held a small meeting. By some words with illustrations and video in the PPT,this meeting presented a wonderful experience of chairman Liu about his life and work.

Can proper desktop position save your health?

Proper desktop position can only improve your health. A good ergonomic designed adjustable computer desk sitting and standing desk can protect your health. DODUMI is the pioneer of Chinese manufacturer of asjustable computer desk.

Productivity and Ergonomics: The Best Way to Organize Your Desk

When you spend hours at your desk every day, even the smallest features of your work space–such as the position of your monitor or the height of your chair–can greatly affect your productivity and even your health. You need to watch your computer and

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