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Can proper desktop position save your health?

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Our parents always told us which desktop position is proper and do good to our health when we were students. But they neglected our sitting time.

Businessmen will sit 5 hours per day 

Maybe you can't believe that businessmen will sit about 5 hours each day in their office. And at least 25 hours per week. Long-time sitting will definitely cause vocational diseases to our body, such as headache, cervical pains, leg numbness, and so on.


Sometimes you will think whether it is right for you to work so hard for money but lose your health. Nothing can compensate for the loss of your health.

Proper desktop position will improve your health


From a long-term perspective, a proper desktop position will improve your health. But 5 hours sitting is really too long and tired. Proper desktop position can’t assure you a healthy body.

You need a good desk both for study and office


This adjustable computer desk ergonomic will save your health. You can choose sitting or standing in your office. Sit-to-stand will relieve leg numbness caused by long-time sitting. By this way, legs blood circulation can be improved.


You also can put your feet on the soft foot pad to let me more comforts. Don’t worry about the desk height. Height adjustable is one of the brilliant feature in design for this adjustable computer desk ergonomic. By pressing a key, desk height can be easily adjusted.



A proper horizontal view angle will may you feel such comfortable when you use it to watch a movie on your laptop.

What’s more, this desk is a good friend of disable people. They can lie in bed for dinning.


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