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Shenzhen Dodumi Opened for business

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In September 8, 2016,Dodumi Global Holdings Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in Shenzhen city Longgang District Longcheng square, dozens of leaders to visit the opening celebration scene, this celebration is all outstanding entrepreneurs, pay close attention to the various chambers of Commerce, many guests and shareholders attended the grand opening ceremony, witnessed the birth of the new company.
The opening ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 in the morning on time, 9 shareholders including CEO Liu Han,  together with the opening ceremony. Salute with the bloom of fireworks, the opening ceremony ended. Subsequently, they held the Opening Ceremony for the successfully established of Shenzhen Dodumi Global Holdings Ltd. all the staff of the company and a number of news media to attend the opening ceremony and  then took a commemorative photo. At the end of the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony held in the Yinxiu Hotel  , more than 150 guests attended. On the event, Dodumi  CEO Mr. Liu extended to the guests his testive greeting, and express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests attended the meeting.
Shenzhen Dodomi Global Holdings Ltd is located in Wanhui Building, Longgang Center Town, Shenzhen City. Next to the Longcheng square which is in the lively commercial district, traffic is extremely convenient. The company covers an area of more than and 400 square, the decoration style reflects the modern sense of science and technology. Shenzhen Dodumi Global Holdings Ltd since it was established, has invested in four different projects, two outstanding team to run the four projects, with the purpose of attentive service, excellent technology and service team spirit brought a new force for the Shenzhen market, to set up a Shenzhen market belongs to own foreign trade home.


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